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    Health & Wellness

    Heart Healthy Food Pantry

    In January of 2013, the MetroWest Health Foundation awarded NSC a two year grant to transform the Vi Tutuny Food Pantry into the MetroWest's first Heart Healthy Food Pantry (HHFP).  Clients now have the option to choose up to two weeks of fresh fruits, vegetables, high fiber, and low fat and sodium foods.  Over the course of the two year grant, up to 55% of all foods distributed to clients will be considered heart healthy.

    THe HHFP also offers clients nutritional counseling through a licensed nutritionist who meets with clients and offers tips on shopping and preparing healthy foods and how it impacts their overall health.  We are pleased to report that 25% of the the clients who signed up for the program reported weight loss and improved health in the first year of the program!

    Bounce for Better Health & The Healthy Pantry Initiative

    The Healthy Food Pantry Initiative is a partnership between NSC and the Natick Community Organic Farm (NCOF). The initiative aims to increase access to nutritious foods grown at the farm and distributed to clients of NSC’s Vi Tutuny Food Pantry. The initiative brings NCOF’s fresh, high-quality produce to Food Pantry clients through direct distribution of produce, appetizer-size tastings of high-nutrient vegetables, take-home nutritional information, and healthy cooking classes. We’re very excited to partner with NCOF on this new initiative.

    The Living Well Project

    A Behavioral Health & Intervention program for Natick Residents

    The Natick Service Council offers  “The Living Well Project”, a program, funded by local health foundations and designed to increase the penetration of evidence-based mental health and substance abuse screening and intervention programs for all Natick residents, especially older adults.

    The program, initially funded by the Foundation for MetroWest, received a substantial grant from the MetroWest Health Foundation to increase the program’s penetration within Natick.  In support of our clients, we partner with the South Middlesex Opportunity Council (SMOC) and town-wide Natick organizations on this project.  

    Crisis Counseling

    Case managers are available Monday through Friday from 9am – 5pm to provide support, information, and resources to anyone who is experiencing a crisis. This support is provided with the goal of assisting individuals to become safe and stable so that they can continue to progress toward their goals.